Order and payment procedure

  1. Upon order placing we need a prepayment at least 50%. In some cases, full payment is required before work begins. The customer should choose one of the specified payment options https://klc.kiev.ua/eng/payments/ and inform our manager of the option chosen. Charge for transaction to be paid by payer.
  2. The manager sends the appropriate payment details. After the payment is completed, the customer should send the payment confirmation to the email klc@klc.kiev.ua.
  3. After the confirmation to your email upon receipt of the payment, we proceed to fulfill the order.
  4. Upon the documents are prepared and the order is fully completed and ready to be sent to the customer’s address or picked up at our office, we send the scanned copies of the documents to the customer’s email along with the amount to be paid (if a partial prepayment was made when placing the order).
  5. After the frinal payment is completed, the customer should send the payment confirmation to the email klc@klc.kiev.ua, and we will send the document to the address and by delivery option agreed when placing the order. Or the customer (or a representative of the customer) can deposit the remaining amount at our office and receive the ready documents.

You can make payment by any convinient way listed below:

Internet payment by Card

We will send to your e-mail an LiqPay invoice  for payment in UAH with the detailed description of services ordered. You can pay by card of any bank in the world in any currency. The amount from your card will be debited in accordance with the exchange rate of the hryvnia to the currency of your card. Instant Secure Payment.

PrivatBank Card Payment

In accordance with the amount of the invoice, you can transfer payment in UAH to the PrivatBank Card in thousands of ATMs, service points or online


Pay by Cash

You can pay by Cash in our office

Banking Wire in UAH

Payment to our banking account in UAH from Ukraine bank within Ukraine, according to the invoice, no VAT