By your order and without your presence we can obtain certified copies of documents from the civil registry departments, vital records offices, Police departments and Ministry of Internal affairs, the Courts of Ukraine. It is possible to obtain only certified copies of real documents which was filed with the State of Ukraine. All certified copies are issued with state seals and signatures of relevant state institutions of Ukraine.

Only information that can be displayed in the document (name, date, place, nationality, etc.), which was entered by the state registrar at the time of record filing. Further processing we produce according to the requirements of the country for which the document is intended.

At the moment we are obtaining records from Ukraine civil registry offices only since 1947. Ukrainian State Civil Registry offices are keeping records which are not older than 75 years. All records older than 75 years are kept in numerous local archives. We do not retrieve the records from archives – you can contact them via telephone or e-mails. Their contacts are easy to find in the Internet.


It is important to know before requesting a document from the State Civil Registration Department of Ukraine >>>

Request a certified copy of the document from the the Civil Registry department, Vital records division of Ukraine, the Courts of Ukraine

type of document
Processing time
Birth Certificate5-7 business days*90 USD
Marriage Certificate5-7 business days*90 USD
Divorce Certificate5-7 business days*90 USD
Extract from civil register proving premarital surname5-7 business days*90 USD
Extract from civil register of Birth (long form)5-7 business days*90 USD
Certificate of changing surname - Extract from civil register5-7 business days*90 USD
Death Certificate - Extract from civil register5-7 business days*90 USD
Court Decree / not available at the moment
Police Clearance Certificate (for Ukraine citizens)3-4 business days**35 USD
Police Clearance Certificate (for foreign passport holders) / not available at the moment3-4 business days**40 USD
Certificate of Driver's License issued in Ukraine10-12 business days*110 USD
Certificate of No-record of Driver's License10-12 business days*110 USD
*Excluding the day of ordering
** The terms are approximate, excluding the day of order. Certificates are issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the timing of registration depends entirely on the time required for request processing by the Ministry of Internal Affairs
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Certified copies of the documents which can be obtained for you from the state authorities of Ukraine

Certified copies of the documents from the Civil Registry Departments, Vital records divisions of Ukraine (issued in Ukraine after 1947):

Police Clearance Certificate from Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Certified copy of Court Decree:

  • A copy of the Court decree – civil cases (divorce, recognition of paternity, etc.)
  • Copy of the court verdict – criminal cases

Samples of the documents