If your foreign fiancee is Ukrainian

Congratulations! You are lucky. But nonetheless you need to make sure that your marriage will be made not only on heaven, but also legal in both countries. Documents for that purpose require processing and and absence of legalization even on one of them, or any important seal missing, can delay the process of marriage registering and drag you into unforeseen expenses and temporary losses.

In Ukraine the usual processing time of application for marriage is 30 days. So you will have an appointment for the marriage registration after 30 days from the date of application. You have to provide:

  • Passport with a customs entry stamp into Ukraine. Copy with a notarized translation into Ukrainian. Usually we translate and notarize it within one hour
  •  (if applicable) Divorce certificate or Death of Certificate of the spouse legalizied in the country where the document was issued (apostille or consular legalization) with a notarized translation into the Ukrainian language. Please send a copy to our email – we can prepare the translaton and notraization of the documents to your vizit to our office.

Your Ukrainian fiancee will need to provide:

  • National Passport of Ukraine’s citizen
  •  (if applicable) Certificate and / or Court Decree of divorce or Death of Certificate of the spouse

To register a marriage with Ukrainian abroad of Ukraine usually the following list of documents is required. The exact list of documents and requirements should be specified at the marriage registration authority where the marriage will be registered:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Statement of Marital status

For persons who has previous marriages:

  • Extract from the marriage registry with the Confirmation of the pre-marital surname
  • Certificate and / or Court Decree of Divorce
  • Death Certificate of a spouse

Some countries also require:

  • Police Clearance Certificate from Ukraine
  • Certificate of residence registration
  • Certificate of citizenship


All the documents from Ukraine should be Apostilled / Legalized  Apostilled/Legalized according to the requirements of the country where the marriage registration will be carried out.

To get free consultation please contact our Center’s consultant.

Many years of practice and processing of documents for the marriage in many countries of the world allows us to provide competent advice to our clients and save their valuable time and money, avoid unnecessary steps and actions delaying the process of collecting and processing documents necessary for registering a marriage.