What is Consular (Embassy) Legalization of Documents?

Consular Legalization of Documents is a procedure for confirming the validity of a document from a country or for a country that is NOT a party to the Hague Convention.

The consular legalization procedure differs from the Apostille in its complexity and consists of several stages. However, it is imperfect – the document is valid only for the country Embassy of which authenicated the document.

What is the purpose of consular legalization of documents?

If the document has passed the procedure of Consular Legalization, it acquires a legal force in the country (not a party to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961), for which it was legalized.


For which countries the Consular Legalization of documents is necessary?

List of countries with the requirement of consular legalization of documents

What kind of Ukrainian Document can be legalized through the Embassy Legalization procedure?

Documents from the Civil Registry Office of Ukraine

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Name change Certificate
  • Extracts (extracts) from the State register

Documents certified by Notary Public

  • Marital status statements
  • Parental consent
  • Power of Attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Contracts, Agreements, Marriage Contracts
  • Notarized copies of documents
  • Notarized translations of documents

Copies of Court decisions
Documents from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Police of Ukraine

  • Certificate of no criminal record

Documents from the District Administrations of the State Administration

  • Certificate of registration at the place of residence (from TsNAP)

Documents and certificates from the Migration Service of Ukraine
Documents from the Pension Fund of Ukraine
Documents from the Tax (Fiscal) Services of Ukraine

Original Education documents

  • Diplomas, Transcripts, Academic records and Certificates


What organizations in Ukraine are involved in the procedure of consular legalization?

  • Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
  • Notaries of Ukraine
  • Consular Sections of Foreign Embassies in Ukraine

Rates and terms of Consular Legalization

State body
Rates for 1 document
Legalization of documentMinistry of Justice1 business day200 UAH
Legalization of documentMinistry of Foreign Affairs5-6 business days400 UAH
Legalization of document (Expedited)Ministry of Foreign Affairs2-3 business days550 UAH
Legalization of company's documentMinistry of Justice1 business day300 UAH
Legalization of company's documentMinistry of Foreign Affairs5-6 business days700 UAH
Legalization of company's document (Expedited)Ministry of Foreign Affairs2-3 business days1200 UAH
*Embassy Legalization of document350 UAH
*does not include the transltion fee and consular fee
Power of Attorney is needed for the process. The sample of PoA will be sent upon your request
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Documents with Embassy Legalization seals from Ukraine