Delivery of documents from the customer to our office address


Delivery of documents to our office from customer can be done in any convenient way, it is important that the envelope send to the address of the office, and not to the post office.

  • You can send by regular mail to the postal address of our office
  • You can send by any courier service
  • You can submit the documents in person or through any third party

Office adress:

Kyiv Legalization Center

4 Mykhailivskyi prov., office 17

Kyiv 01001, Ukraine

Attn: Durytska N. +38 068 268 1010


ATTENTION! In the envelope with the original documents and/or Power of Attorney you must include the notice with the following information:

  • customer contacts: name, phone number, e-mail
  • information on your order: necessary procedures and country of use

Before sending originals, certified copies of documents, powers of attorney to the address of our office, please send a scanned copy or photo of the document to email: to verify the possibility of furher processing of the document.


Delivery of documents to the customer’s address

After the work on the order is completed, fully paid, the documents are ready to be picked up in our office or we can send them to the address specified in your order information.

We offer shipping by postal and courier services listed in the table below in accordance with the rates of these services.

If it is convenient for the customer to use some other delivery service to receive documents from our office to your address, then it is the customer’s responsibility to call the courier of this service to the address of our office and pre-pay delivery services by including the delivery costs in the total bill for our services, or pre-pay delivery services directly to courier service.

In any case, our Center is responsible for the safety of documents until the moment the documents are handled to the postal or courier service. After shipping the documents to the customer, we provide a tracking number of delivery. From the moment when the documents are accepted by the postal or courier service, the responsibility for delivery and its terms is held by the service selected by the customer. Choose your delivery method after careful consideration.

The way of documents delivery to the Customer is also agreed before payment, since in Ukraine it is impossible to make a shipment without payment (except for some services delivering within the territory of Ukraine). Therefore international shipping must be paid before shipping.

Type of shipping
Service agent
Delivery terms
within UkraineExpress-post, Nova Poshta1-2 business days60-100 UAH
InternationalUPS2-3 business days1600-2200 UAH (see UPS rates)
InternationalUkrPoshta20-30 days400 UAH