By your order and without your presence we can obtain certified copies of documents from the civil registry departments, vital records offices, Police departments and Ministry of Internal affairs, the Courts from all regions, all settlements of Ukraine, including Donetsk, Lugansk regions and Crimea. It is possible to obtain only certified copies of real documents which was filed with the State of Ukraine. All certified copies are issued with state seals and signatures of relevant state institutions of Ukraine.

Only information that can be displayed in the document (name, date, place, nationality, etc.), which was entered by the state registrar at the time of record filing. Further processing we produce according to the requirements of the country for which the document is intended.

Request a certified copy of the document from the the Civil Registry department, Vital records division of Ukraine, the Courts of Ukraine

ALL REGIONS OF UKRAINE, including Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk regions.
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Certified copies of the documents which can be obtained for you from the state authorities of Ukraine

Certified copies of the documents from the Civil Registry Departments, Vital records divisions of Ukraine:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Certificate of Divorce
  • Certificate of Marriage
  • Extract of the record-confirmation of the pre-marital surname
  • Certificate of birth of a child from the registry office – an extract from the state civil register for a single parent)
  • Extract (short or long form) from the registry office of birth, marriage, divorce, death
  • Certificate of the change of the name, surname, patronymic from the registry office – an extract of the state registration
  • Death certificate – statement of state registration

Police Clearance Certificate from Ukraine (No-Criminal record)

  • Certificate of criminal record (absence of previous convictions), issued by the Department of Information and Analytical Support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukrane

Certified copy of Court Decree:

  • A copy of the Court decree – civil cases (divorce, recognition of paternity, etc.)
  • Copy of the court verdict – criminal cases

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